Thinking in Genres

We don’t really know how many feature films will end up being made this year - 50,000 seems to be the best global guess – but what we do know is that their genetic make-up will differ in every instance. “Each film has its own DNA,” observed WME agent Mark Ankner, speaking at a recent panel on film packaging. And as CAA’s Micah Green affirmed in a Variety article about independent film financing: “It is critical to assess the global market’s appetite for a package in advance of budgeting and shopping to financiers. Presenting an unrealistic package or budget can kill a project’s momentum.”

With all this in mind, filmonomics begins this five-part examination of film packaging with a quick look at how different genres are evaluated in the eyes of industry gatekeepers and tastemakers. Guiding us through that process is Susan Wrubel, the international film consultant who also oversees Slated’s relationships with U.S. distributors, packaging agents, producers, financiers and foreign sales companies.

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