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“I used to find investors by asking people if they knew any rich people, or go to festivals… and what have you. That’s how it used to be done. But with Slated, it’s almost like you’re invited to a party of investors, and that never happens!”

Those words of appreciation came from filmmaker Marina Zenovich, interviewed by John Horn as part of an extensive profile of Slated that aired on KCRW, Southern California’s flagship National Public Radio station. As the radio show revealed, Marina’s documentary ROMAN POLANSKI: ODD MAN OUT attracted the finishing funding commitments she needed within just a week of being listed on Slated.

KCRW's The Business

Our interview with LA Times journalist and Slated member, John Horn aired today. It rolls out over NPR networks around the world throughout the weekend. Click for the link to the interview.

Changing the Way We Think About Film Financing

Film financing is moving online and the new platform Slated might just be the main impetus for ushering in a new generation of film finance, professional social networking, and smart opportunities for investors and filmmakers. Slated launched at Sundance in 2012 and has since ‘aggregated film investors representing hundreds of millions of dollars’ and has forged partnerships with some of the world’s leading financing, sales, and film companies. Aided by precision design, comprehensive user verification, ease of use, and an emphasis on clarity, Slated provides a world-class website experience that really has something to say about the future of our industry. To discuss the platform and its function in the industry is Duncan Cork, CEO and co-founder of Slated and the man responsible for its initial vision.

Slated makes the top 40 IndieWire Influencers List

Indiewire Influencers is dedicated to 40 of the people and companies who have captured our attention as we watch them try to figure out what the independent film industry is today and, more importantly, what it will become. While William Goldman's now-hoary adage that nobody knows anything still holds true, we're also living in a time where disruption has become as desirable as good manners. So we're celebrating the people who are trying to get it right -- and even daring to get it wrong.

In terms of methodology: We asked people across the industry for the names of the individuals and companies they thought were influencing business now. Not always the most successful entities, but the ones whose work they admired or made them pay attention to what they did next.

Announcing Alliances with Pivotal Industry Players, Tastemakers & Gatekeepers

We can finally announce that we have teamed up with many of the film industry’s most forward thinking companies in alliances that will further streamline and accelerate the process by which commercially viable film projects are discovered and connected to verified investors.