Announcing Alliances with Pivotal Industry Players, Tastemakers & Gatekeepers

We can finally announce that we have teamed up with many of the film industry’s most forward thinking companies in alliances that will further streamline and accelerate the process by which commercially viable film projects are discovered and connected to verified investors. 

Taken together, these pioneering organizations and their alliances with Slated mark a cinema milestone. They represent the film industry’s first concerted embrace of an online business-to-business marketplace and a real recognition of the role that social technology has started to play in professional networking, partnership-building and actual film investment.


More than two-dozen blue-chip film companies, representing every step along a film’s evolution from talent-spotting and development to financing, packaging, global sales and post-production, now have an active presence on Slated. The creation of dedicated COMPANY PROFILE PAGES, supported by sophisticated tagging algorithms, will provide Slated users with an early track of the most promising new projects from vetted filmmaking teams.

Slated’s initial group of pioneering company alliances and the teams behind them encompasses several of the leading global sales companies and production facilities as well as the most prominent film support organizations. Each has demonstrated a commitment to bringing greater efficiency, transparency and technological refinement to their corners of the filmmaking business. Many more will be boarding soon, both from the US and internationally. 

  • Slated’s initial group of US companies includes (in alphabetical order):

The Black List; Bold Films; Caliber Media Co; Circle of Confusion; Company 3; Deluxe; Echo Lake Entertainment; Film Independent (FIND); International Documentary Association (IDA); Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP); IM Global; Preferred Content; Submarine Entertainment; Sundance Institute; Technicolor; Three Point Capital; Tribeca Film Institute; Untitled Entertainment; Voltage Pictures; XYZ Films. 

  • Slated’s first international companies include:

Backup Films (France); Bankside Films (UK); Dynamo (Colombia); Prescience (UK); Rezo Films (France); Salt (UK); Stargate Capital (UK); WestEnd Films (UK). 

Organizations involved in nurturing filmmakers early in their development phases will help Slated in identifying talent and projects that are suited for the marketplace. Those films will now enjoy the benefit of the Slated community ranging from access to top producers, casting directors, equity financiers, to sales representation and acquisition executives. Talent agencies will work with Slated to help raise the industry profile and global investment potential for films they are packaging. Facilities and post-production partners will offer discounts and other incentives to film projects that come through the Slated vetting process and are ready to enter production.


 “As an institute that embraces the future, we are excited to partner with Slated, which offers our filmmakers access to a new, scalable and efficient outreach model," said Beth Janson, Executive Director of Tribeca
Film Institute

"It is clear that Slated understands the business and technical knowledge it takes to put together a film. The site they’ve developed compliments IFP's goal of nurturing the film community, and honestly addresses the changes and challenges confronting the industry,” said Joana Vicente, Executive Director of IFP. “Their platform provides one more significant opportunity to network and tap into new financing sources in today’s increasingly challenging climate, something of great use to us all.”

Slated is an amazing way to solve both sides of the financing and deal-making equation. It creates a platform for connecting some of the most original, highquality independent film projects directly with vetted financiers, sales agents and distributors,” said Josh Welsh co-president of
Film Independent.

Slated is a great tool that allows producers and investors to collaborate in new ways. We’re excited so many Sundance Institute artists will be able to access this new community and experiment,” Joseph Beyer, Director of Digital Initiatives for Sundance Institute.


Slated combines the power of a highly social, vetted film business community with a real equity-financing component. Unlike donation-based crowdfunding sites, where any film project can be listed regardless of their viability, Slated trades on the reputations of the filmmakers, the teams they’re assembling and, now, the companies that support them. Investors can now view opportunities through our partner companies lending their weight to films on the site. This helps investors increase the signal ratio in all the noise,” - CEO Duncan Cork.

“Film financing and deal-making is cumbersome and not at all transparent. You don’t know who’s really attached, or what information is up to date. If this communication inefficiency could be eliminated, it would help reduce the time it takes to put a film together. Which is why our industry partners will play such an essential role for us in helping to curate and vouch for what’s on Slated,” - Chairman Stephan Paternot.


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