Rounding Up a Year on Slated

Shortly before we break for the holidays and before the run-up to our one year anniversary at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, we'd like to share some success metrics to illustrate what a stellar first year it's been.

Over our first year, we saw 10 films complete financing. In addition, 7 films were accepted at major festivals (Toronto '12 & Sundance '13). And we won't forget to mention HBO's acquisition of CASTING BY and the SHOWTIME acquisition of ROMAN POLANSKI: ODD MAN OUT.Some of these member successes have been a direct result from being listed on Slated. And those were entirely thanks to you, our incredibly vibrant community of 2,200 filmmakers, investors, producers, sales agents and countless others who all took the chance to make it possible on this new online marketplace. THANK YOU.We also thought it might be helpful for you to get a sense of all the activity you've created by highlighting some key data points:NEW MEMBER APPLICATION STATS
Membership (Invite-Only): 2,200, approving about 200 per month 
Wait List: 3,800INVESTOR STATS
Total Investors: 275
Investor Capital Represented: $94MM (low) - $1.75BN (high)
We're currently adding between $8MM and $100MM in represented capital per month
Average Projected Film Investment size per investor: $338K (low) - $6,291,000 (high)Investor interests by Genre:


So investors are interested in Thrillers, Comedies, Action, Mystery/Suspense, Drama and Sci-Fi genres with Documentaries no
t far behind. 
Investor Interests by Region:


This means that most of our investors are looking for films originating in North America and Europe, with Asia not far behind.Investor Interests by Budget Range:


Put simply, the majority of investors are looking for films with budgets between $750K and $10M FILM STATS
Films Submitted*: 450, increasing by about 30 per month
Films Approved: 130, listing about 10 per month
Average Budget of Successful Films: $1,490,000
Members Successfully Completing Financing: 10, adding about 1 per month
Average Time for Successful Raises: 5.5 months
Films Premiering at Major Film Festivals: 7
Films Acquired: 2

* Does not include the 2,500 films submitted prior to launch

Total Partner Companies: 40 since September, adding  about 4 per month
Notable:  Sundance InstituteTribeca InstituteICMUTAGershDeluxeTechnicolorThe Black ListIM GlobalVoltage and many more.TEAM SLATED

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