A Trove of Oscar-Caliber Talent

The Academy Awards are just a couple of weekends away now. As that final countdown begins, we wanted to give a congratulatory shout-out to all those Slated members who have worked on this year’s nominated films. By our reckoning, at least 92 executives and artists will be eagerly awaiting the names out of the envelope on February 28. They have a stake in 31 of the 57 films that are up for statuettes this year, a 54% share that accounts for as many as 65 of the 120 nominations. If you are looking for A-list talent to work alongside you on your next projects, you know where to find them!

Slated: Sundance Central

Today marks the official start of the annual film-buying season as more than thirty thousand festival-goers ascend to Park City to participate in Sundance. More than four thousand feature-length hopefuls were submitted to this year's festival, split roughly half and half between U.S. and international films. Less than three per cent of that submission total ended up being selected for the 2016 showcase. And we're happy to say that, once again, the Slated community had their creative handprints on the large majority of the films that will commandeer industry attention over the next ten days in the Utah snow. A full 68% of the 109 films receiving their first significant exposure to the world all featured Slated members, some as many as ten, in a topline role. You can check out their names in the grid inside, including the twenty executives who have multiple billings at this year's event.

Slated Top of the Charts for December 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for December. Meredith Jacobson Marciano, David Lipman, David Alper, Peter Antico, Jess Harbeck, Phyllis Nagy, Victor Solé, Pandora Edmiston, James Fino, Catherine Curtin. And films, Sins of the Son, La American Femme, Cryptid, Let's Do It, Escaping Bellview, Godspeed, Nuclear One, Red Hats, Speed Demon, The Rebel Princess, Tiger Within, Narco Division, Heartbeats, The Standard, Buying Time, Rememory.

Slated Top of the Charts for November 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for November. Steve Oedekerk, Duane Adler, Todd Alcott, Bo Zenga, Peter Daulton, Anthony Martins, David McElfresh, Juan Pablo Raba, Soenke Moehring, Bret K. Hall. And films First Light, Cruise, Heartbeats, Straight Shot, Enough Cocaine to Time Travel, Slander, Speed Demon, Stealin' Home, Seaside, Best Seat For The End Of The World, The Bicycle Girl, Rememory, Toby, ATOMS, Perfidious.

Walking the Talent Tightrope

Persuading film buyers that your cast is "bankable" enough can be a tricky balancing act. The top names that distributors want are either unavailable or beyond your means. And the hot new breakthrough talents you think are perfect for your story have yet to register on the global industry radar. We asked four sales agents how they walk that line.