Culture Shock or Commonality?

In the first part of our three part series on the Busan International Film Festival, we interview filmmakers and executives from around the globe on their experiences and frustrations with the film industry. Despite all the wonderful diversity of cultures and geographies represented in those interviews, it is noticeable how the issues faced by filmmakers and executives seem so remarkably similar. With Wonsuk Chin, Morgan Matthews, Wu Tao, Mostafa Sarwar Farooki and Alex Stolz.

The Catch 22 of Casting

This week we discuss the Catch 22 that so many of you are familiar when it comes trying to raise money for your films. You can't raise financing unless you have certain calibre of cast attached to your project. But you cannot get those attachments unless your financing is already in place. With guests Peter Facinelli, Jon Gries & William Mapother.

Dispatches from the Industry Frontlines & Fault Lines

True to her roots as a management consultant, Barbara Romer did her research before breaking in as a film producer. She bought 'Filmmaking for Dummies', realized that this was just geared towards no-budget amateurs, and plunged deeper instead into the financial and logistical realities of mounting proper movies. But even this analytical approach has its limits, as she recalled during one of our Filmonomics @ Slated segments, because numbers rapidly go out-of-date in this industry. Barbara's cinematic baptism helps explain why Slated started its own YouTube series. For all the books out there, the film business is evolving way too rapidly to be contained in static volumes. What is more, its human dimensions are often best expressed visually and verbally. To watch these episodes is to appreciate the degree to which modern filmmaking is laced with both analytics and interpersonal dynamics. Let's look back at some of the telling moments from those first nine YouTube vignettes.

Days and Nights "Proof Systems"

In the second part of our multi-part case study into an early Slated success, "Days and Nights", we interview filmmakers Christian Camargo, Juliet Rylance & Barbara Romer about the importance of having a strong team when going into production and how Slated's vetted community can help in that endeavor.

Slated's Top of the Charts for September 2014

Check out our top new and trending members and films for September. Keith Arnold, Allison Carter, Ana Lily Amirpour, Lee Clay and Kerry Orent. And films Man Down, Oriole Park, Animus, Broken Doll and Half Magic.