Slated's Top of the Charts for March 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for March. Dan Lebental, Brian Chumney, Dawn Leigh Climie, Robert Hoffmeister, W Robert Fluffy Millar, Martin Poultney, Elizabeth Carpenter, David Stanford, Eduardo Sanchez, Bettina Gilois. And films, In Between the Waves, Brotherhood, The 100 Yards, Banned Music, Unrelenting, Bone Walker, Exit Highway 1, Freedom Cafe, Avalanche, Dont Knock Twice.

Film Investing White Papers

This four-part White Paper series is a plain-language approach to explaining the intricacies of film finance. Originally published in 2012, they have since been featured in multiple film school classes and incorporated into many film business plans. All four Papers are being revised to take account of changing market dynamics.

What is Your Screenplay Really Worth?

Is it possible to know how much your movie will generate worldwide based on just a script and a distribution plan? And how would such projections stack up against Hollywood's own tracking services? Prepare to be surprised....

Slated's Top of the Charts for February 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for February. Guillaume Fradin, Brian Ho, Phil Pfeiffer, Andrew Lauer, Rino Pace, Mike Binder, Val Keller, Stephen Lang, Toni Pace, and David H Steinberg. And films Intensive Care, All the Children are Insane, Paganini, Beyond Redemption, B-Movie Lust Sound in West-Berlin, Bone Walker, Freedom Cafe, Exit Highway 1, Swing Away, and Call to Duty.

Slated by Southwest

Once known primarily as a music festival, SXSW is where film and technology meet. It’s a collision that is shaping the future of entertainment. With next month’s festival looming, we throw a spotlight on some of films likely to make waves in Austin and trace their project origins.