Slated's YouTube Manifesto

Slated has launched its own YouTube channel. This weekly segment adds another discussion forum to complement both our regular online blog posts and the monthly Filmomics Talks that we have been hosting to packed rooms at Soho House. Thanks to YouTube's endless reach, we can now bring those discussions to a much wider audience as part of our mission at Slated to bring velocity and simplicity to a film business starved of both. If we can serve as a trusted guide to steer newcomers into the film industry, we believe that this will open up the door to a pool of capital that will dwarf what is currently available through traditional sources. We will all benefit as a result. But to achieve that we also need your participation..

Slated's Top of the Charts for July 2014

Check out our top new and trending members and films for July. Mindy Marin, Stephen Prouty, Jamie Carmichael, Susan Glatzer, Emma Roberts, Jonathan Sehring, Jonathan Eisley, Rachel Cohen, Stephen Tobolowsky & Sandra Adair.

"Step back and ask yourself: Why do we invest this way?"

Is the film industry its own worst enemy? Judging by some of the more colorful quotes and comments that have come out of our monthly FILMONOMICS TALKS, the answer is an emphatic yes. But just don’t blame the unscrupulous scorpions for giving film investing its bad name; blame the film business frog for making it so easy to hitch a ride.

The very complexity of indie film funding means that film remains a haven for unethical behavior and bare-knuckle negotiating tactics. Thankfully, there is a rising chorus in the indie film industry of those who want to change film financing for the better. Read what they have to say in this first in a series of roundtable discussions, culled from those FILMONOMICS TALKS in both New York and West Hollywood, that highlight some of the smartest new ways for overcoming the industry odds.