Sundance's VOD Avalanche

Some of the most iconic films to come out of Sundance were financed by home video distributors. Will history repeat itself at this year’s festival where VOD players are expected to make most of the dealmaking waves? Read on also to find out what nearly two thirds of the films premiering in Park City all have in common..

Learn the Language of Success

The odds of making back your money on an independent feature film are not much better - or worse - than from starting your own business. At least in some industries, like internet tech, entrepreneurs have figured out how to do the right analysis and speak the same language as investors, which improves their odds of success significantly.

Slated at the Oscars '15

Congratulations to the four Slated members who received Oscar nominations this morning: David Lancaster - BEST PICTURE - "Whiplash", Rory Kennedy - BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE - “Last Days in Vietnam”, Sandra Adair - ACHIEVEMENT IN FILM EDITING - "Boyhood" and Ian Hunter - ACHIEVEMENT IN VISUAL EFFECTS - "Interstellar".

Reverse Engineering Hollywood’s Industrial Strength

Hollywood is way more levelheaded than that cache of electronic communications stolen from Sony Pictures would have us believe. Look beyond all those email tantrums and you find a cold-eyed, analytical approach that seems to serve the studio system surprisingly well. With prudent budgeting, proportionate advertising spends and tough-minded creative choices, all those available revenue streams for film can turn into rivers of gold. Provided you have access to relevant market data. In this end-of-year newsletter, we explain how arming independents with the same level of studio-grade information will go a long way to evening the distorted playing field across all creative classes.

Who and What To Trust in the Movie Business

Before a film is judged by an audience it must pass muster with the movie industry gatekeepers, number-crunchers and taste-makers. In this episode, we compare how the business keeps score to our own data-driven evaluation and verification systems. Who has the best finger on the pulse? You decide. With David Jourdan, Patrick Ewald & J. Todd Harris.