Finding the Write Stuff

Ever wondered how the industry's gatekeepers choose between the thousands of potential screenplays and project ideas being pitched at them every year? Well, we asked some key players that very question - and discovered that their financing strategies have at least two things in common.

CEO LETTER: Introducing Our Bold New Services

After introducing ourselves as an introduction platform, Slated is now entering its Second Act. Screenwriters will recognize this as the story phase marked by rising action and higher stakes. And there will be plenty of both for filmmakers in the coming years: the explosion in global production is coinciding with an escalation in deal-making headaches. Creativity is being overwhelmed by business considerations that are too daunting to keep straight – and storytelling originality is suffering as a result of all that market second-guessing. So we at Slated have decided to change the dynamic with the addition of two bold new services. Each brings sanity and clarity where before there was confusion and complexity.

The Killer Formula

No matter how original they might seem, even the best movies fall into classic archetypes - and the audience responds to them in very predictable ways. Listen to what two leading film analysts have to say about testing and research and then ask yourself this: is script analysis really your worst nightmare as a writer?

Slated's Top of the Charts for May 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for May. Jonathan Greber, James V Hart, Horst Sarubin, Alex Funke, ASC, Giacomo Bargellesi, Eric Schumacher, Boon Sian Lim, Brenday Ray, Marcelo Gandola, Karla Torres. And films, The Other Half, The Art of Dying The Act of Living, QUICK, 12 Bells, Fantastic Damage, IMPURE, Online with Love, Bone Walker, Junior Crew.

The Hot & Cold of Film Predictions

As cold as data analysis might seem to the creative mindset, it can also be the film artists' best friend.