Filtering the Industry Filters

Unless your name happens to be Scott Rudin, getting your project in front of the right people means knowing the right channels and creating the right context to get noticed. Being Facebook friends with someone, or knowing their email address, is not enough...

Getting a Better Read On Your Script

On any given weekend, film executives wade through 20 scripts - oftentimes the same ones - in search of box office gold. That's bad enough. But what happens if your script lands in front of a reader who doesn't agree with your taste?

Slated Top of the Charts for June 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for June. Andrea von Foerster, David Drzewiecki, Wes Ball, Jason McDonald, Kyle Bergersen, Shannon Treusch, Gary Weeks, Julie Christeas, Adrian Grenier, Tony Elwood. And films, Breaking Legs, Sinkhole II, Jim & Jane, GRIZZLED!, God's Acre, 12 Bells, I Hate Mondays, Shadows of Hidden Hill, Resonance Lake, and Buckshot.

Finding the Write Stuff

Ever wondered how the industry's gatekeepers choose between the thousands of potential screenplays and project ideas being pitched at them every year? Well, we asked some key players that very question - and discovered that their financing strategies have at least two things in common.

CEO LETTER: Introducing Our Bold New Services

After introducing ourselves as an introduction platform, Slated is now entering its Second Act. Screenwriters will recognize this as the story phase marked by rising action and higher stakes. And there will be plenty of both for filmmakers in the coming years: the explosion in global production is coinciding with an escalation in deal-making headaches. Creativity is being overwhelmed by business considerations that are too daunting to keep straight – and storytelling originality is suffering as a result of all that market second-guessing. So we at Slated have decided to change the dynamic with the addition of two bold new services. Each brings sanity and clarity where before there was confusion and complexity.