Film Careers through a Data Prism [INFOGRAPHIC]

A provocative new infographic released today by SLATED paints a picture of a cinema business out of touch with its paying public, particularly with regard to the hard-to-reach millennial generation that threatens to defect to alternative forms of entertainment.

Slated Top of the Charts for July 2016

Check out our new and trending members & films for July. Members Michael Mandaville, Kevin Mangold, Olli Haikka, Kevin Rowe, Priya Williams, Matt Ruskin, TJ Barrack, David Dinerstein, Vincent Defebo, Carly Hugo. And films Mirror Man, The GRID, The Hive, USNB-22, Jubilee, Valley of Spirits, Camp Cold Brook, Warning Shot, JUnKIE, Desert Daughters and the Man, The Possibility of Fireflies.

Slated Top of the Charts for June 2016

Check out our new and trending members & films for June. Members Jason Canovas, Jean-Marc Vallee, Adam Clark, Varun Raj, Claude Dal Farra, Rachel McIntire, Matthew Campbell, Janet Muswell Hamilton, Ashley Hillis, Sean Lydiard. And films Mirror Man, The Possibility of Fireflies, The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot, Eha, WOOF, CROWING LAKES, Camp Cold Brook, Harley, The Nostradamus Mission, The Public, A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN, SINS, Goodman, Vincent the Artist, Decked.

Data Exposes Gender Fault Lines [INFOGRAPHIC]

Slated's latest data analysis proves systemic bias against all women in film, despite the often superior box office returns that women professionals on both sides of the camera generate in the marketplace. The key revelation here: female-directed films are released on 63% fewer screens.

Slated Top of the Charts for May 2016

Check out our top new and trending members and films for May. Demetria Alexandros, Craig McKay, Renee Ragucci-Shelton, Michael Caton-Jones, Guillermo Granillo, Matthew R. Anderson, Hector Salinas, Brent McGee, Derek Ledbetter, Julie Kroll, Parallax, Carnival, Charlie Lives: The Family's Return, Unsourced, Nothing To See Here, Parallax, The Nostradamus Mission, Aftermath, Harley, DARA JU, Zero Hour.