CEO LETTER: Our Film Financing Gamechanger

As anyone who has done the financing rounds for their projects can tell you, the film industry is frustratingly reactive. The same gatekeepers who clamor for something original are often the least forgiving when it comes to up-and-coming talents. They want the insurance policy of recognized names and market-tested stories – even though box office returns keep showing how audiences delight in novelty and surprise. It’s a Catch-22 conundrum that has preoccupied Slated from day one: How can we flatten the marketplace so that many more investors feel comfortable buying into a much wider array of investment-worthy projects?

Seven Habits of Effective Packagers

We asked three of the shrewdest operators in the film packaging arena to share some of the tricks of their trade. Here are some of their actionable tips for navigating the world of talent and finance.

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Filtering the Industry Filters

Unless your name happens to be Scott Rudin, getting your project in front of the right people means knowing the right channels and creating the right context to get noticed. Being Facebook friends with someone, or knowing their email address, is not enough...

Getting a Better Read On Your Script

On any given weekend, film executives wade through 20 scripts - oftentimes the same ones - in search of box office gold. That's bad enough. But what happens if your script lands in front of a reader who doesn't agree with your taste?