Slated Top of the Charts for May 2016

Check out our top new and trending members and films for May. Demetria Alexandros, Craig McKay, Renee Ragucci-Shelton, Michael Caton-Jones, Guillermo Granillo, Matthew R. Anderson, Hector Salinas, Brent McGee, Derek Ledbetter, Julie Kroll, Parallax, Carnival, Charlie Lives: The Family's Return, Unsourced, Nothing To See Here, Parallax, The Nostradamus Mission, Aftermath, Harley, DARA JU, Zero Hour.

Using Science to Pick Hit Movies

A new scoring system for evaluating film projects is being calibrated right now in Slated's data laboratory. Here's how those scores hold up under the harsh scrutiny of the moviegoing marketplace.

Slated Top of the Charts for April 2016

Check out our top new and trending members and films for April. Mark Morgan, Peter Lonsdale, Josh Roth, Trenton Waterson, Balazs Gulyas, Peter Atencio, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Georg Kallert, Zach Graber, Amanda Mortimer, MATT EPIC, The Public, Merrily Nebraska, Mort in Sherman Oaks, The Washita Valley, Trolled, Play to Win, The Exiled Heart, Mapplethorpe, Woman of the Woods, SINS, Aftermath.

The Smarter Way to Hit the Film Financing Bullseye

Given the enormous galaxy of stories competing for our attention, how on earth do you pick your winners? Well, you can begin by counting your luckiest stars: Target those film projects with the likeliest potential to be seen in theatres each year. As you will learn here, determining how many such projects you should have in your portfolio has become something of a moving target

3 Film Financing Myths, Hacked by Data

Cinema is so often portrayed as a financial sinkhole that operates behind impenetrable walls of secrecy and corporate layers of risk aversion. A cesspool fit only for billionaire fools and studio bookkeepers. It’s a typecast stereotype, however. If you look at the underlying data, as the analytics team at Slated has just done, what you will actually find is a routinely profitable business that flies in the face of so many popular misconceptions, many of them perpetuated by cinema itself. As part of a new series of blog posts we now re-examine these foundational myths through the lens of statistical analysis and hard numbers.