Peeling Back The Curtain on Film Sales

How do sell a film project aimed at teenage girls to a group of international distributors who are predominantly male and middle aged? And what happens if your director has never made a feature-length film before? These are the kind of challenges that sales agents routinely face at trading markets such as the AFM - and their solutions are nothing if not enterprising.

How To Hedge Your Distribution Bets

There is a plethora of content out there; there's a finite number of distribution channels; and there's a finite amount of money that audiences have to spend on entertainment. Given that perfect storm, it is not good enough to know just your film's potential buyers - you now need to know who buys from them.

The Catch-22 of Originality

Film audiences crave originality - or at least a fresh take - and so it seems do movie distributors. And yet film financiers tend towards the tried and tested. They want to back name actors, proven concepts and known quantities. We hear from two leading sales agents how they go about resolving that eternal contradiction.

Syndicate Film Financing Webinar

Readers of the film business press may have seen Slated mentioned in connection with a pioneering film investment mechanism called Syndicate Financing. This just-recorded webinar explains how syndicate financing works - and answers some of your member questions concerning this exciting new tool.

Slated Top of the Charts for August 2015

Check out our top new and trending members and films for August. Robert Siegel, Jason Livesay, Patrick Dodd, Greg Wike, Hayley Easton-Street, John S, Paul Kewley, Bradley Stonesifer, Jeff Kleeman, Dave Alpert. And films Walk to Vegas, Never Been Born, The Standoff, The Rock Pile, Pirates for Hire, Naked Before You, Vicious, Zoey & The Aegis, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Best Seat For The End Of The World.