Building your Support System

If you think getting your film financed and then seen is hard, try doing that in a language other than English. The producer behind one of next year's official Oscar submissions for best foreign-language film, Shrihari Sathe, says the trick is to round up a network of advocates around the world to champion your film during production - which is why he uses Slated.

Death of the Salesmen?

In part three of our series from the Busan International Film Festival, we sit down with the director and producer of Sunrise and discuss which of the four pain points, that Slated has identified, do they find most difficult when making their films. With Partho Sen-Gupta & Shrihari Sathe.

Sunrise & The Dawn of Slated

Critically acclaimed and now a darling of the festival circuit, the film "Sunrise" was one of the very first to take advantage of the iPad, crowdfunding, Facebook and Slated in order to round up its financing. The fact that Sunrise was shot in Mumbai in the language of Marathi, with French and Indian money, just shows the global reach of these new tools. Welcome to the Wild East of independent filmmaking - a world of ingenuity, perseverance and social networking smarts. With Partho Sen-Gupta & Shrihari Sathe.

Slated's Top of the Charts for October 2014

Check out our top new and trending members and films for October. Bruna Papandrea, Chad Peter, Darin Cooper, Michael Walker and J.M. Logan. And films Broken Doll, Bone Walker, Man Down, Multiplexing and The Cook and The Critic.

Culture Shock or Commonality?

In the first part of our three part series on the Busan International Film Festival, we interview filmmakers and executives from around the globe on their experiences and frustrations with the film industry. Despite all the wonderful diversity of cultures and geographies represented in those interviews, it is noticeable how the issues faced by filmmakers and executives seem so remarkably similar. With Wonsuk Chin, Morgan Matthews, Wu Tao, Mostafa Sarwar Farooki and Alex Stolz.