What is Slated?

Slated is an online film industry marketplace, enabling introductions to projects, talent, financing and sales.

Who should participate in the Slated community?

Slated is a community of peers that consists of:

  • Accredited individual and institutional investors both new to, and experienced in, film investing
  • Experienced and up and coming producers and directors
  • Industry professionals such as talent, talent representatives, sales agents and distributors

How much does membership cost for Slated?

Nothing at all. It’s free.

Can anyone join Slated?

Yes. Everyone can join and become a member. Just click here or on the orange "Join" button on the top right corner of the page to get started.

What do I need to do to join Slated?

To join, all you need is an email address and password, or you can join by using your Facebook account. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be asked to create your personal profile by providing info such as your picture, a short bio, your location and profession, plus some optional information like your website and IMDB links.

How do I add my film credits to my profile?

We already have the film credits for a lot of notable film industry professionals, so most people who join Slated won’t have to go through the cumbersome task of adding all of their credits manually. When you join Slated, you may be asked to match yourself to an existing profile, which means that we will go ahead and import your credits into your profile page for you. Either way, once you’ve created your profile you’ll be able to edit and add credits yourself by scrolling down to the “film credits” section on your profile page, and clicking the blue “edit” button.

How do I add my work history to my profile?

If you scroll down on your profile page, you’ll see a section for “affiliated companies,” where you can add any companies you work for, either currently or in the past, or companies you or otherwise associated with, such as companies that represent you or organizations that you are a part of.


Can I make my profile private?

By default, your profile is visible as soon as you create it. However, you can make your profile visible only to other Slated members, which means it won’t be publicly available and it won’t be indexed by search engines like Google. To change the visibility of your profile, go to your privacy settings page by clicking the link at the top of your profile. Please note that when making your profile visible to Slated members only, it may take up to a week for search engines to stop indexing your profile.

Will people be able to contact me through my profile?

The short answer is yes, other members of Slated will be able to use your profile as a way to contact you. However, there are some rules in place to keep our members from indiscriminately soliciting each other, which are explained in more detail in our Networking FAQs. In addition, we do allow you to limit the people who can contact you to include only those members whom you are tracking on Slated, only members who reach a certain score threshold, or no one. For more information on how tracking and messaging work, please see our Networking FAQs.

How do I find people I know on Slated?

The best way to find people you already know on Slated is by linking your other social networking accounts on Slated. Once you’ve created your profile, you can go to your account settings page and “link” your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to your Slated account. Doing so will allow you to instantly see who you know on Slated and to track them easily. Linking your social networks does NOT contact any of your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn friends, and Slated will never post to these networks on your behalf without your express permission.

In addition to finding people you know who have already joined Slated, you can also receive an email alert when someone you know through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn joins Slated, at which point you would have the option to track them if you wish. To turn this notification on, go to your email settings page and check the box next to “alerts when my Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn friends join.” 

How do I become an investor on Slated?

When you are creating your profile, you’ll be asked to select at least one tag that describes your profession in the film industry, including the “Investor/Financier” tag. (Additionally, you can always edit these tags by going to your profile and clicking the blue “edit” button at the top of the page.) Unlike the other profession tags, this tag allows you special permissions on Slated, such as the ability to view financial information about films. However, it also requires that you fill out a short survey describing your accreditation status. This survey is used for our SEC compliance only and will never be shared with anyone else on Slated. For more information about being an investor on Slated, please see our Investor FAQs.

How do I find films that I’m interested in?

Slated lists independent feature films that are in some stage of development or production that are seeking financing, talent, sales, and distribution, including everything from small budget documentaries to high-budget narratives with notable cast attached.

The best way to continually discover new films is by tracking notable people on Slated. That way, every time you log in to your Slated home page or get your weekly digest, you’ll see what films they’ve started tracking or have been attached to.

In addition, you can always check back to our “Films” section to see what’s trending with all Slated members. Trending films are based on the number of intros a film receives over a given period of time, so it’s a good barometer of what the community is interested in at any given time.

Finally, if you are looking for films that meet a specific criteria, our advanced filters section allows you to search for films by Genre, Topics, Stage, Language, Budget, and Packaging criteria.

Can I list my film project on Slated?

Yes! For more information about listing your film on Slated, please see our Filmmaker FAQs.

Can I list my company on Slated?

At the moment, companies are listed on Slated by invitation only. If you would like to list your company on Slated, you can email us at to request a company profile.


How do I network on Slated?

The main mechanism for networking on Slated is “tracking,” which allows you to see the activity of people and films you are interested in. Unlike “friending” someone (on Facebook, for example), tracking on Slated isn't mutual. Someone who finds you or your film interesting can track you, but you don't have to track them back. If you do decide to track someone who is tracking you, then the connection is mutual and you will then be able to freely message each other through Slated.


Who should I track on Slated?

As a facilitator of introductions to projects, talent, financing, and sales, Slated is here to connect you to both the people you already know in the film industry, and to the people or projects that you would like to know more about. Just like in the real world, networking works best when you utilize your known contacts to help you meet new people. Therefor, we encourage Slated members to track anyone you know who is on Slated, but also anyone whose work you find interesting or who you think might like to work with.


How do I find people I know on Slated?

The best way to find people you already know is by linking your social networking accounts on Slated. Once you’ve created your profile, you can go to your settings page and “link” your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to your Slated account. Doing so will allow you to see who you know on Slated and to track them easily. Linking your accounts does NOT contact any of your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn friends, and Slated will never post to these networks on your behalf without your express permission.


How do I reach out to people I want to know on Slated?

The simplest way to let someone know that you’re interested in them or their project is to track that person or film. If they are interested in you too, they will track you back and you’ll be able to message each other freely on Slated.

Depending on the person’s messaging settings, you may also be able to message the person directly even  without having a mutual tracking relationship, or to request an intro through someone you both have in common. The best way to know whether you can message or request an intro to someone is by going to their profile page and looking for the orange “Message” button. If that person is not accepting messages, you can still track them and see if they track you back.


How do I reach out to filmmakers whose films I am interested in?

If you know the producer of the film, you can track them, message them directly, or request an intro as described above. If you don’t know the producer, you can still track the film and send a message to the film’s admins through the film page.

Like people, films also have the ability to adjust their messaging settings, allowing them to accept messages from no one, everyone, or only people who reach a specified credits score threshold. However, If you are an investor on Slated, then you can message any film that is accepting messages on Slated.


Once I start tracking someone, can I stop?

Yes! Once you are tracking a person or film, wherever you see their profile, you should also see a “Tracking” button with a checkmark. If you wish to untrack them, simply click on the tracking button. Slated does not send a notification when you untrack someone.


How do I know who’s tracking me on Slated?

On both your Slated home page and your profile page you will see a gray box on the right hand side of the page that displays all of the people and films you are tracking (“Tracking”) and all of the people who are tracking you (“Trackers”). Clicking on any of the faces of your trackers will take you to their profile page where you can message them (depending on your relationship and their messaging settings) or learn more about them.

To receive an email notification when someone new starts tracking you, go to your Email Settings page and check the box next to the email for “Daily updates on new trackers and activity.”


How is my activity made public on Slated?

Every time you take an action on Slated, such as listing your film, updating your film or profile page, tracking a person, film, or company, attaching yourself to a film or company, introducing yourself to a film or company, sharing a profile on Slated, or sending an update on Slated, that activity will be made public. Anyone who is tracking you will see this activity appear in their personal feed and in their daily digest email (if they are subscribed), and everyone on Slated will be able to see it in the public feed. We do not share your browsing history, people, films, or companies that you untrack, or any information about messages sent between you and another person on Slated.


What’s the best way to keep my trackers engaged with me or my project on Slated?

Your public activity will let your trackers know what you are up to on Slated, but the best way to keep your trackers up to date on what you’re up to and how your projects are going is by sending regular updates. An update is a message that all of your trackers receive. As such, it is important not to disclose any private information in your updates, but rather to share things like major attachments, milestones reached and new opportunities you are making available.

To send an update, go to your profile page or your film page, and click on the orange “update” button in the top right corner. You can write your message in the text box, and filter who will receive it down to only those people who have started tracking you since you sent your last update (if, for example, you’d like to send the same update again without anyone receiving it twice). Clicking on the “custom list” option let’s you filter who will receive the message by tag, and clicking the “edit recipients” link at the bottom of the form let’s you see every individual on Slated who will receive the update so you can filter it down even further. You can also expand your reach by simultaneously posting the update to your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


How do I let people know about something I like on Slated?

If there is a person, film, or company on Slated that you think someone you know would be interested in, you can always share that profile with people on Slated or elsewhere. Clicking the “Share” button on any profile will open a form that allows you to add a personal message, and to specify with whom you would like to share the profile. If you share the profile on Slated, this action will appear in your activity feed. Anything that someone else shares directly with you will appear in the “Shared” tab on your home page.


Who can message me on Slated?

By default, If you track someone on Slated, or if they have a credits score that equals at least half of your own credits score, they can message you. In additon, anyone who you don’t track but with whom you share a mutual connection can “request an introduction” to you through that mutual acquaintance. (It is up to the acquaintance whether or not to make the introduction.)

However, you can adjust who can message you on Slated by going to your Settings page, where you can expand the people who can message you on Slated based on a different score threshold, or allow anyone on Slated to message you. You can also restrict who can message you to only those members whom you track, or to no one at all.


Is there a way to block someone I don’t want to receive messages from?

If you no longer wish to receive messages from someone on Slated, you can always block them by clicking on the “block” link at the top of each message thread. This will not alert the person to the fact that you’ve blocked them, but will just look like you are no longer accepting messages.


What if I meet a person who is causing problems or misrepresenting themselves on Slated?

If you find that you are still having a problem with someone on Slated, either because they are misrepresenting themselves or they are engaging in solicitous or nefarious activity, the best thing to do is to go to their profile page and click on the “Report a problem” link at the bottom right-hand side of the page. This will send an alert to Slated and we will look into the matter as quickly as possible. Anyone caught violating the Community Guidelines will be suspended or banned from the site.


I’ve received an email about my account being suspended. What does that mean?

To ensure that everyone has a positive experience on Slated, we have set some limits on behavior. Our system monitors suspicious activity and will automatically suspend anyone who is found to be in violation of our community guidelines. If you are suspended, you will no longer be able to engage in certain activities on Slated, such as sending updates to your trackers. We look into each suspension on an individual basis to determine whether the member was engaging in nefarious activity or simply unknowingly violated our community guidelines. In the latter cases, the suspension is lifted, usually within 1 week. In the former cases, members will be banned permanently from the site.


Why should I use Slated?

For seasoned financiers, Slated offers a new pipeline of high-quality film projects; a suite of controls to manage your deal flow and ease administrative burden; a way to diversify your investment portfolio; and a simple way to network and stay in touch with the market for new and upcoming films.

Can I invest through Slated?

You can use the introductions our community provides to progress the relationship to the point where an investment can be executed directly between users. In addition, while anyone can create a profile on Slated,
to achieve Investor status, you must get over two thresholds:

  • All U.S.-based investors must complete a questionnaire to demonstrate that they are ‘accredited,’ as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the 1933 Securities Act.
  • You must be approved by two investors who are already part of Slated’s network of established investors. You can do this either when you sign up or at another time.

How do I communicate with a filmmaker?

Request an introduction directly on the film’s profile page.

What is the difference between “tracking” a film and
“getting an intro?”

“Tracking” a film lets you passively receive news updates related to the film. “Getting an Intro” lets you communicate directly with the filmmakers. “Intro” settings are controlled by both the filmmakers and investors.

What happens after I request an introduction?

Filmmakers receive an email that an investor is interested in the project. It is then the filmmaker’s choice to reach out if they’re interested in discussing the project further with you.

What deal terms are offered by filmmakers?

Deal terms will vary. All negotiations and discussion of deal terms take place directly between you and the filmmakers.

Will I be inundated with filmmakers contacting me
with proposals?

No. First, your contact information is kept private. This is very important to us. Second, filmmakers can email you only if you track their film project, or if you and they share a contact who facilitates an introduction. Further, filmmakers can email you only once about a project if you don’t respond.

Can I block a filmmaker if I do not want them to contact
me again?

Yes. You can block any users from contacting you by changing your privacy settings or using the controls within the correspondence.


Why should I use Slated?

Slated helps you find the people you need to get your film packaged, financed, represented and distributed. The Slated community includes high net worth individuals and institutional investors in film, as well as sales agents and distributors looking for emerging film projects.

Can anyone list a film on Slated?

Any member can submit their film for free. The person who creates the film profile should be the rights holder, or the designated representative of the rights holder, for that film. Usually this is the producer, director, or writer, or one of their assistants operating on their behalf. Any films that are found to be in violation of this rule will be suspended.

Does Slated accept TV series that are in development or production?

Not at this time, but check back in the future. 

Do I complete a profile page for my film project or for myself as an individual?  

Both. When you join Slated you are asked to create a profile page for yourself. Once you’ve done that, you can create a profile page for your film by logging in to Slated, clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the page, then clicking the “List a new film” link in the drop down menu, which will then take you through the film submission process.


Once you’ve created your film page, you are the “admin” for that page, which means that you will be responsible for updating and maintaining the page, as well as managing any inquiries you might receive about your film through Slated.

How long will it take for me to list my film?

About 5 minutes, tops.

What do I need to list my film on Slated?

To list your film you will need to specify:

  • The title and estimated year of release for your film. Only unreleased films may be listed on Slated. You can update either of these if the title or release date changes.

  • A logline.

  • An image to represent your film. For example, a movie poster, production still, or art direction mockup.

  • At least one genre and one “topic” keyword. This will be used to match your film to investors and other Slated members who are interested in similar topics and genres.

  • The stage your project is in (development, pre-production, production, post-production, etc). This will be used to match your film to investors and other Slated members or companies who are interested in film projects in that stage.

Are there standard contractual terms required for my film?

No. If you find an investor on Slated, the responsibility to establish and negotiate the investment terms with that investor is yours. You conduct all specific discussions and negotiations with potential investors directly.

Are there commission fees or other costs for listing my film?

It is free to list your film on Slated. At the moment, any monetary transactions that take place between you and an investor happen offline, so there is no commission either. 

How many projects can I submit?

As many as you like, so long as they meet the criteria previously stated.

Is there a time limit that a project can be listed on Slated?

No. We understand that financing falls through, attachments come and go, and a film is not easy to put together. So you are in control of your own deadline. We do advise you to set a fundraising deadline, though, as it may help persuade investors.

If I use Slated, can I continue my fundraising efforts offline?

Yes. We encourage you to continue to pursue all the regular efforts you use for fundraising. Think of Slated as an extension of your offline efforts. We are providing you the opportunity to meet investors and other industry professionals you otherwise may have not had access to. We also encourage you to keep your film's Slated profile updated as things change. You should use your Slated profile to appeal to sales agents, distributors and the industry at large over the film's life cycle.

When is the best time to list my film on Slated?

Films at all stages are allowed to be listed on Slated. This includes:

  • Films that are in development and seeking talent and financing

  • Films that are looking for principal cast and crew

  • Films that are seeking production financing and services

  • Films that are seeking post-production finishing funds and services

  • Films that are looking for sales representation, distribution or P&A financing

  • Films looking to get into major festivals and sales markets

What if I’m not ready to list my film yet?

Once you’ve supplied the initial information required to list your film profile, you'll have a chance to decide when to make the page visible. We recommend waiting until you've added whatever cast, crew, financial info, and affiliated companies you have.

Who can see my film page?

Once you make your page visible, by default, your film page is public, which means that anyone can potentially see your film page, although your financial information is private and can only be seen by Slated investors. If you wish to keep your page hidden, you can do so by clicking on the “Edit Page Settings” link at the top of your film page and changing the visibility settings to "Admin only".


Who can see my financial information?

Only accredited investors can see your financial information, which includes your film's budget, how much money you've raised, who your investors are, your sales estimates, and other details. Non-investors can not click to see the "Financials" tab on your film page, and instead of seeing the "Financial Information" box on the right side of your film page, they see a message saying they have to be an accredited investor. 


I don’t yet have a finalized budget. Should I list my film now?

Filmmakers listing films on Slated should have already created a line-item budget. We also understand that budgets change as things like production location, talent attachments, and other elements of the film packagaing change, so you are encouraged to update your financial information as things change. 

Who can contact me about my film page?

As the film admin, you are the primary contact point for your film page, and will receive all inquiries and correspondence from Slated, or from Slated members, regarding your film. By default, any Slated member can contact you through your film page on Slated, but you can change this by clicking on the “Edit Page Controls” link at the top of your film page and changing the contact setting so that only people or companies who fit the criteria you are looking for can contact you, or so that no one can contact you.

Can I add more admins to my film page?

You can have multiple admins for your film page. All admins will receive any correspondence that comes through your film page. You can add more admins by clicking on the “edit page controls” link at the top of your film page. Then, on the right hand side of the page, you’ll see a box that says “Film Page Admins”, where you can add another admin by typing their name and hitting enter/return. Only Slated members can be added as a film admin. If you wish to add colleagues from your company as admins, then please invite them to become members first, either by adding them to your film as an attachment or by sending them an invite.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.22.42 PM.png

How do I change ownership of my film page?

While you can have multiple admins, your film page can only have one owner. By default this is the person who created the film page. If you want to change ownership over to another person, you first have to add them as an admin, then, on the page settings page, click the "Make owner" link below that peson's name.

I just listed my film on Slated, what do I do now?

Once you’ve listed your film, you should continue to add as much information about it as possible, such as cast, crew, financial information (which is only visible to investors), and the people or services your film is looking for.

Add as many assets as you can to strengthen your film profile. Add comps, links, sales projections, a trailer, a great poster image, and affiliated companies. The more you share about your film, the more likely it will be of interest to the community.

How do I add a trailer video?

To add a trailer, click on the blue "edit" button under "Summary" on your film page, then copy and paste the link to your video from You Tube, Vimeo or wherever it can be seen on the web into the field labeled "Trailer/pitch Video". If your video is password protected, you'll need to type the password to view the video in the field labeled "Trailer/pitch video password." Your video should also have sharing enabled on the site on which it's hosted. 

How do I add cast, crew, and affiliated companies to my film page?

The “Attachments” section should not be used for people or companies who you would like to be involved with your film, but for people and companies who are actually involved with your film. It is expected that any attachment you add has already confirmed their involvement with you personally.

To add cast and crew to your film, go to your film page and scroll down to the “Attachments” tab, underneath your film overview. Click the blue “Edit” button on the left hand side, under “Principal Cast”, “Principal Crew”, or “Affiliated Companies” then use the form provided to add people and companies to your page.

Do my attachments have to join Slated too?

We don’t require your attachments to join Slated, only to confirm that they are involved in your film. However, we do highly encourage them to join Slated, and you should too, as this will help you to expand your film’s network, and therefore expand your reach on Slated. The films that perform the best on Slated tend to be those that use all of their possible connections to get noticed and to achieve real results.

Why do you need to know my cast and crew’s email addresses?

When you add an attachment to your film page, we email them asking them to confirm that they are involved in your film. This is the only email they will receive from Slated, unless they decide to sign up and create their own Slated account. They do not need to sign up in order to confirm their involvement in your film.

DO NOT add cast, crew of investors using proxy or fake email addresses. If you add fake email addresses, it will prohibit your cast and crew from having their own profile, which helps you spread the word about your film to the rest of the community. Using fake emails will also result in your film being suspended.

Can I confirm my cast attachments using an LOI (Letter of Intent)?

Yes. If you don't want your cast member or their agent to confirm their role via email, alternatively, you can upload an LOI that confirms that they are attached to your film. Your LOI will be reviewed and approved by us as quickly as possible (generally within 24 hours). 

Why do my attachments say “pending”?

Until the person or company you’ve added as an attachment to your film has confirmed their involvement with Slated, or until their LOI has been approved by us, they will be listed as “pending” on your film page. If confirming via email, your attachment must click the "confirm" button in the email they receive.  

How do I resend a confirmation email?

If you added an attachment to your film, but they never received their confirmation email, you should ask them to check their spam folder to make sure the email didn’t end up there. If they can’t find or never received the confirmation email, you can resend it to them 24 hours after the original email was sent by clicking on the “edit” button on the left hand side of the page (under “Principal Cast”, “Principal Crew”, or “Affiliated Companies“) then clicking the “resend verification email” link underneath the person or company’s name.


If you think you may have mistyped your attachment’s email address, you’ll need to delete the attachment and then add it again. To delete the attachment, click the blue “Edit” button under “Principal Cast”, “Principal Crew” or “Affiliated Companies”. Then click the “Delete” link under the attachment’s name to remove them.

I sent the confirmation email, but the person I attached says they never got it. How do they confirm their involvement?

If the person you attached never got their confirmation email, they should first check their spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there, or they should just log into their Slated account (if they have one already) and look for the email on their "Notifications" page.  

If they still can't find it, they can request to be added to your film by going to the film page and clicking on the orange “Request to be added to this profile” link on the bottom right-hand side of the page. Once you’ve received this request by email, just click on the confirm link and they will be added to your film.

One of my attachments accidentally denied their involvement in my film, what should I do?

If an attachment denies their involvement with your film they will be removed from your film page and you will not be able to add them again. If the denial was made in error, that person will have to go to your film page and click on the orange “Request to be added to this profile” link on the bottom right-hand side of the page. Once you’ve received this request, it is your job to confirm their involvement. Once you have confirmed they will be added to your film page.


How do you know if the attachments I’ve added to my film are real?

We take quality assurance very seriously at Slated, which is why we have several security measures in place, as well as a manual review process and ways for users to report potential falsifications, to ensure that the information on Slated is true and accurate. If any film is found to be listing fake attachments or cheating the confirmation process, their film will be removed from the site and the admin will be banned from Slated. If you suspect that a film page is listing false information, please report it by clicking on the orange “Report a problem with this profile” link at the bottom of the right column of the film page.

Can I keep my cast members confidential?

Slated believes that transparency is crucial in all aspects of film packaging, financing and discovery, and we encourage our filmmakers to only attach confirmed cast and crew members to their film pages. As such, we no longer allow filmmakers to attach their cast or crew confidentially. If you had previously attached a confidential cast or crew member before this change took place, rest assured that they are still confidential. If you choose to change them to be visible, you will not be able to change them back to confidential. 

What does the “package score” on my film page mean?

Any film project on Slated that has received some level of industry endorsement or involves talents with verified film credits will receive a “Packaging Score”. This number, out of 100, is an estimate of overall commercial, critical and artistic viability of a film, and is based on the principal packaging elements of a film. In order for your film to reach its full potential package score, you will need to attach your principal cast, producer, director, writer, sales agent, and budget.

For more information about our scoring system and how it works, see our scoring FAQs.

I added my cast and crew, why is my film package score still "0"?

Cast and crew only contribute to your actual package score once they have been confirmed and are no longer "pending." Until then, they will only be reflected in your "potential" package score, which only you and the other film admins can see. 

How do I add my financial information to my film page?

If you are using Slated to meet investors and raise financing for your film, you need to fill out some financial information. Only investors can view the financial information for your film.

To add financial information, go to your film page, scroll down, and click on the “Financials” tab, underneath your film overview. Click the blue “Edit” button on the left hand side, under “Summary”, “Sales Estimates”, “Business Details”, and “Investors”, then use the form provided to add people and companies to your page.

How do I show my fundraising progress?

Once you’ve specified your film’s budget in the “Summary” section of the “Financials” tab, you can show how much financing you’ve already raised by scrolling down to the “Investors” section, and clicking the blue edit button on the left, then using the form provided to add your sources of funding.

It is important that you list every investor you already have, whether it's an equity investor, a tax credit you plan to use, or a grant you received. We realize that negotiations with film investors are sensitive, but we encourage you to be transparent with your fundraising efforts as this will communicate to potential investors how much funding you've already raised. 

Why do you need to know who my investors are?

Like your cast and crew, we also need to confirm that your investors are actually involved in your film, and that you have actually raised the funds that you claim to have raised. When you add an investor, we will send them an automated email asking them to confirm their investment in your film. This is the only email they will receive from Slated, unless they decide to sign up and create their own Slated account. They do not need to sign up in order to confirm their involvement in your film.

Although we ask for the amount of money that each investor has contributed, we don’t disclose this amount to anyone. The only thing we show is the total amount of money that you’ve raised for your film, once your investors have confirmed their involvement.

What kinds of funding can I add to my film?

Money raised from crowdfunding campaigns, grants, tax credits, soft money, presales, equity, debt, gap, and mezzanine investors can all be added as sources of funding for your film. Adding these sources of funding will make the fundraising progress on your film page increase.

I've received an email that says that my close date has past or is about to pass. What do I do?

If you've received an email that says that your close date is about to pass, but you are still raising financing for your film, you need to update your close date immeditaly to avoid your film's financial information being turned off. To update it, go to your film page, click on the "Financials" tab, click on the blue "Edit" button under "Summary", change the value for "Close Date", then click the blue "Save" button.

Once your close date has passed your financial information will be turned off automatically, and your film will no longer be featured to investors as a potential investment opportunity. If you receive an email saying your close date has passed, but you are still raising financing for your film, you'll need to go to your film page, click on the "Financials" tab, click on the blue "Edit" button under "Summary", and turn financing to "on". Once it's been turned back on, you need to change the value for "Close Date", then click the blue "Save" button. 

If you have completed financing, you should let the community know by going to your film page, clicking on the "Financials" tab, clicking on the blue "Edit" button under "Summary", switching financing to "Off", then clicking the blue "Save" button. You'll see a new button that reads "Mark as 100% financed" - click this to let us know that you are finished fundraising.

Who can see my film’s financial information?

Only Slated members who are accredited investors can view the information contained in the “Financials” tab and the budget and fundraising information displayed under your package score.

Everyone else will see the following:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.12.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.12.11 PM.png

How are investors verified on Slated?

All investors on Slated have affirmed that they are either accredited U.S. investors or non-U.S. residents who are actively investing, or interested in investing, in film. While Slated does have an investor relations liaison who communicates with our investors regularly, and a removal process for members who are found to be falsifying information about themselves, it is ultimately the filmmaker’s responsibility to verify an investor’s accreditation status, investment sophistication, and suitability, before entering into any agreement with that investor.

How do I get introduced to investors on Slated?

Slated is designed to protect investors first, as such we have built tools to help investors find you, rather than for you to find investors. So if they like your project, the system is designed to encourage them to reach out to you themselves.

If an investors tracks you or your film, you can email them directly. If they respond, your conversation can continue. If the member is not tracking you, you can also be 'introduced' to an investor via a mutual contact by selecting the person you know in common to make the introduction. As in the real world, please bear in mind that your mutual contact may have good reasons for not wanting to make the introduction.

Please remember that agressive tracking and soliciting Slated investors via their other social networks are against our community guidelines. For more information, please read our Community Guidelines.

I’ve filled out my film page as much as I can, now what do I do?

Once you’ve filled out as much information as possible, we recommend that you look for people in the Slated community who you know or want to know and start tracking them. They will receive an alert that you are tracking them, and if they track you back, they will be in your network and will see every time you add something new to your film page or send an update.

You can also send out regular updates to your network, including all of the people who track you, your film, and any other people associated with your film. Updates can also be sent to your networks outside of Slated via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

How do I send an update about my film?

You can send updates by clicking on “send an update” on the top right hand corner of your film profile. You can send out updates to everyone tracking your film and your team. So the bigger your team, and the bigger their networks, the more people you will reach. You can also post your updates to all your social networks allowing for greater reach. See our how-to guide for more information.

What kind of updates should I send?

Updates should be used to announce things like new cast members, new sources of funding, or any other progress you’ve made that you want to tell people about. The more updates you send about your film, the more likely you are to get noticed.

Can I share my film on social media sites?

Yes. We encourage you to recommend your film to contacts on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Remember that only Slated members who are accredited investors will be able to see your financial information. We encourage you to not share sensitive financial information on other sites or through other communities unless you take the precautions mandated by the securities laws.

How frequently should I update my film profile?

As often as you like. Keeping your profiles current and demonstrating momentum maximizes the opportunity to keep investors and industry interested.

How will people outside of my network know about my film?

In addition to giving you the ability to grow and send updates to your network,  we will also automatically recommend your film to investors and other members of Slated who are outside of your network, based on the information you’ve provided. For example, if you’ve specified that you are looking for investors or sales agents, your film will automatically be promoted to investors or sales agents whose interests match your film.

How do I make my film more visible on Slated?

We sort and recommend films using our proprietary scoring algorithm, which ranks films based on important data points including packaging completion and the scores of the attachments involved. In general, the more information you add to your film profile, and the more high-profile your attachments, the higher your score, and the more likely it is to be seen. We allow all members to specify the range of film package scores that they are interested in and only alert them about films or people that fall within that range. For more about how scoring works, see our scoring FAQs.

The amount of activity around your film, such as the number of new trackers and the number of introductions you receive, can also determine how visible it is. The more introductions your film receives, the higher it moves up the charts and the more visible it becomes.

How can I see how my film is performing on Slated?

Hovering over the film score on your film page will display a tool tip which tells you what percentile your film score falls into. You can also browse the “trending” films in the “films” section, which sorts films by their volume of introductions.

How do I remove my film from Slated?

If you’ve already listed your film and you need to hide it, you can do so by going to your film profile and clicking on the “Edit page controls” link at the top of the page, then selecting the “Admins only” option in the visibility section. This means that only you and your other film admins can see your film page.


Slated is designed to work for film projects in all stages of development, therefore we recommend that you hide, rather than delete, your film page. If you find that you’re not currently using Slated, you can still come back to it later, for example, when you’re ready to start meeting people or raising financing for the next stage of your film.

Why was my film page suspended?

If your film page is suspended, it means our algorithms detected some suspicious activity, such as two or more attachments denying their involvement. High scoring actors being attached to films with unknown directors, attachment confirmations being sent to suspicious email addresses, members reporting problems with particular film profiles, and other activities will trigger our review process. In all cases the Slated team will review the film and contact the film owner if necessary.

What if I still have a question?

If your question was not answered in this FAQ, please send us your question via email with the subject line “Film FAQs” to


What are Company profiles?

Established companies play a significant role in the film industry. Their brands act as tastemakers and gatekeepers to the most viable film projects in the market. With Company profiles, filmmakers have the opportunity to align themselves with these industry pioneers. By affiliating themselves with these organizations, films get greater exposure to the investment community as an affiliation with an official Slated Company lends significant credibility and viability to the film project.

Company Profiles are not designed to replace the company's own website but are designed to complement some of the more business-minded member profiles. Films and Affiliates shown on each page are not designed to be exhaustive, merely current.

How do I contact a company?

To contact a Company, click "Request An Intro" on the profile page. However, companies can control who can contact them through their own "Page Controls". If you cannot reach a company through their profile page, it means that they do not wish you to contact them using Slated. If you would like to contact one of the team members though, you can use the regular "Request An Intro" or "Send A Message" feature on their personal profile pages if those options are available to you.

How do I add my company?

Company profiles are currently STRICTLY BY INVITATION ONLY. Each company is individually selected by the business development team at Slated. The Slated team are constantly adding to the official Company partners and will approach you. To alert Slated to your company, simply add
it to the Company Affiliates on your personal profile, making sure to add the website and/or IMDb URL.

What kinds of companies is Slated including?

Our Company Partners are primarily focused on financing, packaging, selling, representing, and/or supporting the most viable films the industry has to offer. We are NOT currently approaching production or distribution companies unless they also finance co-productions or are involved in film sales, packaging, and talent representation or management.

If you have questions about including your company, please email team.

Can Production companies qualify for an invitation?

Production companies looking to invest in films on Slated are eligible to become a Company Partner. Production companies looking for investors to finance their own projects do not qualify.  
What do company profiles mean for me?

As an Investor, track the organizations that consist of the tastemakers and gatekeepers to the most viable investment opportunities the industry has to offer. Once you track a Company, you will be alerted to films they're supporting or working on. This is designed to help you increase the signal ratio in all the noise.

As a Filmmaker, your opportunities for success on Slated are growing due to your film's increased visibility and exposure to Sales Agents, Talent Agents, Post-Production Houses and more. As with investors, all Company team members can also reach out to you about your project directly. Investors are also tracking these organizations and the projects they are supporting, so add your affiliations to the Company Affiliations section of your profile.

As a Company, reach out to any filmmaker through their film profile page.
You can also invite people within your company to join Slated by adding them to your "Principal Team". And don't forget to ensure your Company's interest tags truly reflect those of the organization by refining the orange tags at the bottom of your company profile page.

As a Member, track the organizations that are aligning themselves with the best projects the film industry has to offer. Once you track a Company, you will be alerted to any films they're supporting or new members that join as a result of being added to the profile. As with Slated's investor-members, all Company team members can reach out to filmmakers about their project.


What are Slated Scores?

Slated is divided into three main sections - “Films”, “People” and “Companies” - and each section will now see “Scores” attached to them. These numbers show the relative strength of film projects, filmmaking talents and film companies as they might be measured by their business peers. They serve as another filtering layer that will accelerate discovery, improve matchmaking, aid packaging and facilitate ever-more introductions across Slated.

What is a “Credits Score”?

Any person or company on Slated who has a verified film credit will now receive a “Credits Score”. This number, out of 100, is an estimate of their potential to impact the commercial, critical and artistic viability of a film project to which they are attached. Scores are based on an industry-savvy blend of the following criteria:

Scores are adjusted for inflation. Performance data is weighted towards more recent film releases.

The resulting score is displayed on each person’s profile pictures, on the bottom right corner, and on their profile page, in the top right hand corner. Members with multiple roles will be scored for each, with the top score being highlighted in an orange box, and secondary scores in gray.

By hovering your cursor over the top right hand scores on profiles you can also see what percentile each score falls in relative to all other people or companies with that same role on Slated. You can also see which company affiliation (if any) contributed to that score.

                    Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.44.16 PM.png

Not every member on Slated will receive a Credits Score. By default everyone on the site arrives with no score at all - unless business track records and performance data suggest otherwise.

How do Scores get used on the site?

Credits Scores on Slated can help our community members in several ways: 

  • They allow all members to assess the potential industry value that a member or company brings to a particular project.
  • They allow all members to target a particular level of project and talent.
  • They serve as a messaging and introduction filter.

 By default members can only message you if they have a score of at least 50% of your score, or if you choose to track them. You can easily adjust that filter according to your own preferences and see what percentage of Slated’s community you will be interacting with as a result.

Similarly, you can also filter what film deal alerts you receive based on their package score.

And you can sort by higher trending people, films or companies far more rapidly.

Who provides all the data the Scores are based on?

Budget information is provided and verified by our own filmmaking community and by our data partner Baseline. Box Office and Awards data is entirely verified by Baseline’s team for accuracy. 

One of my credits contains incorrect information. How do I correct it?

Occasionally the data imported about your film credits may be inaccurate, such as an incorrect release date or budget.
If you are the producer of the film in question, you can correct the information yourself by “claiming” the film page - this will make you the admin for the page so that you can edit any of the information it contains. To do this, click on the link for the film to go to the film’s profile page. You should see a message at the top that says “Is this your project?” Answer “yes” to claim the film page so that you can start editing it. We may follow up with you to ask for proof that you are the rights holder for the film. (Anyone who claims a page that they are not the rights holder for is in violation of our Community Guidelines and may be banned from the site.)
If you are NOT the producer or rights holder of the film in question, you can send us the information that needs correcting by emailing and we will ask Baseline to update it. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the new information to be reflected on the site. 

What if all my credits are wrong?

 It’s possible you might have been matched to the wrong person on Baseline. If that’s the case you can re-match yourself easily by going to your settings...

...and selecting the “Baseline Match” tab. Here you can un-match and re-match yourself. If you have very few film credits, it’s possible Baseline may not have a record of you at all.

How can I maximize my Score?

When viewing your profile you might see a “ - “ by your film credits.This signifies that there is potentially some missing data such as awards, budget or box office. Or maybe even if there is data, you may have not been matched in the official credits on Baseline. Whatever the reason, make sure to click "Edit" next to your film roles and act on roles that say "Boost Score" next to them.This will now provide you options to select help you match the correct film profile or verify the correct data is found in Baseline and attributed to your score.

Please expect 1-2 weeks for that corrected information to be reflected in your profile.

If you are missing any film credits you can also add them by typing in the text box that says “Film Title” and clicking on “add”.  

Note: The more data you provide, the more accurate and potentially higher your score. This will enhance the desirability for film packages and improve chances of finding suitable industry matches on Slated.

What if I don’t have any personal film credits but I work at a company in the industry?

 If you currently work for a company that has a Credits Score, then you will receive the company score, based on your seniority level at the company. Be sure to add the company you currently work at in the “Affiliated Companies” section on your profile page.Likewise, if you’ve left a company, be sure to click on “Mark Past”.

I’m an investor, how does scoring affect me?

You also have a Credits Score like all other people on Slated. The only difference is in what you can advertise as your maximum investment range on your profile. That amount will be capped at 50% of the highest budget of any verified film credits you were a producer on in the prior 5 years. If you have no producer credits at all, your investment range will be capped at $100,000.While designed to manage investment expectations, this cap in no way limits what or how much you can invest. As new investments are made, those caps can get raised based on a finished film's budget - once that film has been released and verified by Baseline.

What is a “Packaging Score”?

Any film project on Slated that has received some level of industry endorsement or involves talents with verified film credits will receive a “Packaging Score”. This number, out of 100, is an estimate of overall commercial, critical and artistic viability of a film. The score is based on an industry-savvy blend of the following criteria:

The package score is displayed on the film poster and on the film profile in the top right hand corner  

What are the qualifying festivals, markets and co-production events for my Credits & Packaging Scores? Which industry awards are factored in?


How is the site regulated with financial service authorities?

Slated is not regulated as a broker-dealer with the SEC or any other federal or state government agency. The Slated network operates as a finder, a role that is exempt from the registration requirements relating to broker-dealers.

The SEC has provided guidance on what activity constitutes exempt finder activity, and that guidance is constantly evolving. Slated will at all times be vigilant in ensuring compliance, in letter and in spirit, with the SEC’s direction. As a consequence, the way we provide our services may equally evolve and change over time.

As a filmmaker, do I need to register anything with the financial authorities? How does Slated protect my private placement exemptions?

If you honor the requirements of applicable private placement regimes, such as Rule 506 of Regulation D under the 1933 Securities Act, you need not register your efforts, or the securities that you might issue, with the SEC or any other federal agency. Certain state filing requirements might apply, however. In any event, we encourage you to check with your legal advisors in that regard. We cannot and do not act as a substitute for independent legal advice.

One of the requirements of the private placement exemption is that neither you (the person offering the investment opportunity) nor any other person acting on your behalf may offer or sell securities by any form of “general solicitation.” Thus the strict restrictions that we place around the availability of financially sensitive information.

Who are the investors on the site?

The investors participating in the Slated community have confirmed through questionnaires and admin or peer verification, that they are accredited investors within the meaning of Rule 506 of Regulation D.

Some investors who are not US persons may not have affirmed accreditation, but there is good reason (on account of publicly available information and peer verification) to believe that they are sophisticated enough (financially and/or experience-wise) to be involved in film investments.

In either case, should you progress your relationship with an investor to a stage where an investment could be effected, you are well advised to verify their accreditation (for US persons) or sophistication (for non-US persons) in line with your legal advisor’s guidance.

What is an accredited investor?

The full legal definition of the concept of “accredited investor” is too long to be replicated here. To simplify, most private placements are targeted toward the following people:

  • Any natural person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with that person’s spouse, at the time of his purchase exceeds $1,000,000, less the positive equity in his primary residence; and
  • Any natural person who had an individual income in excess of $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with that person’s spouse in excess of $300,000 in each of those years and has a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the current year.

There are many more categories of accredited investors. We encourage you to look them up here.

Is there a limit on the number of investors who can participate?

At the moment, filmmakers should ensure that they do not have more than 500 investors in any one film at any time, whether it is at inception or later during the life of the investment. If that were the case, there is a real risk that an SEC registration requirement is triggered under the Exchange Act, even if the initial offering was made in strict accordance with a good private placement regime.

Is this a pool of investments? Is this a fund?

It is neither. Each investment will be executed between users, without meaningful Slated involvement, and entirely on its own merits.