Want to know how much your movie could make? Now you can.

Today we're excited to announce the launch of 3 major updates.

CEO LETTER: Introducing Our Bold New Services

After introducing ourselves as an introduction platform, Slated is now entering its Second Act. Screenwriters will recognize this as the story phase marked by rising action and higher stakes. And there will be plenty of both for filmmakers in the coming years: the explosion in global production is coinciding with an escalation in deal-making headaches. Creativity is being overwhelmed by business considerations that are too daunting to keep straight – and storytelling originality is suffering as a result of all that market second-guessing. So we at Slated have decided to change the dynamic with the addition of two bold new services. Each brings sanity and clarity where before there was confusion and complexity.

Slated at the Oscars '15

Congratulations to the four Slated members who received Oscar nominations this morning: David Lancaster - BEST PICTURE - "Whiplash", Rory Kennedy - BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE - “Last Days in Vietnam”, Sandra Adair - ACHIEVEMENT IN FILM EDITING - "Boyhood" and Ian Hunter - ACHIEVEMENT IN VISUAL EFFECTS - "Interstellar".

Introducing Slated’s New Scoring System

Slated is divided into three main sections - “Films”, “People” and “Companies” - and each section will now see “Scores” attached to them. These numbers show the relative strength of film projects, filmmaking talents and film companies as they might be measured by their business peers. They serve as another filtering layer that will accelerate discovery, improve matchmaking, aid packaging and facilitate ever-more introductions across Slated.

Our New Data Partnership With Studio System

At Slated, we believe that data should be made readily available so that our members are empowered to make better informed decisions. We are therefore excited and proud to officially announce our partnership with Baseline's Studio System.